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Leading brands in Europe

Polev’s craftsmen and designers are aware of the importance of upholstery and its role in the use of premium furniture. Therefore, we only use fabrics of European manufacturers with an impeccable reputation in the market.

The following textile suppliers enjoy our unconditional trust:

  • FARGOTEX GROUP. A Polish company that has been supplying furniture, decorative fabrics, carpets and carpet floorings to the global market for over 20 years. The main focus in production is placed on practicality, safety and aesthetic qualities of upholstery. FARGOTEX believes that beauty can be reliable and durable. We are happy to use chenille, matting, eco-leather, flock and corduroy from this manufacturer. FARGOTEX uses the Water Repellent and Magic Home advanced technology, so the upholstery of our upholstered furniture is well protected from dirt and moisture. Reliable allergy-friendly steeping compounds protect it, preserving the fibre structure.
  • Italvelutti Fabrics. The oldest and most respected Italian home textile production company in Europe. The motto of its founders is “Home is not a place, but a state of mind. You feel good in it when it suits your needs”. A feature of Italvelutti materials is their high manufacturability. They can be dry-cleaned without damage and easily dusted, do not absorb moisture, fade in the sun or wear from frequent use. The textiles of this factory are environmentally friendly, do not contain hazardous chemical compounds or heavy metals. In our work, we use tapestry, microfibre and chenille made in Italy.
Amann threads
Amann threads

Amann is the oldest and most reliable threads manufacturer from Germany. Since 1854, its factories have been supplying the market with high quality products for hand and machine sewing, embroidery and serging.

AMANN GROUP products are famous for their high strength and elasticity.

In addition, German threads have high consumer benefits:

  • abrasion resistance;
  • high tensile strength;
  • thermal stability and colour fastness.

That is why Polev’s craftsmen use Amann threads to create premium upholstered furniture for our customers.

Beech - durability, strength, moisture resistance

In the Polev carpentry workshops, we have selected the ideal material for the frames manufacture, natural beech. Its quality is comparable to oak, but lighter and more practical.

We offer our customers beech frames for several reasons.

  1. Since this wood can be steam-bent, it is ideal for the manufacture of non-standard structures.
  2. Beech has antiseptic properties and is therefore safe even for young children.
  3. Natural beech timber has high wear resistance and withstands high operating loads. This means that the frame will serve you for more than one decade.
Plywood 15 mm

For our frames, we use 15 mm thick polished birch plywood. Its main advantages over softwood plywood are as follows:

  1. Smooth surface. Birch plywood has no natural roughness and is easy to laminate.
  2. High combination ability. This material can be easily combined with other materials: wood, metal, fabric.
Norwegian company ESSVE

Durable materials need high-quality fixings.

We only use state-of-the-art screws and fasteners from the Swedish brand Essve in our production. This hardware does not chip the surface of wood, and the shape of the self-tapping screws’ heads allows them to be sunk deep enough to make the frame look flawless.

Essve fixings need no additional finishing or regular adjustments.

types of fillers
Back Cushion Fillers

Polev factory uses an improved fraction of down and feather fill for the back cushions of sofas and armchairs. For customers who are prone to allergic reactions, we offer a hypoallergenic synthetic down with the same qualities.

When raw materials enter production, they undergo additional quality control: they are meticulously checked for moisture content.

Benefits of natural filler:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • hygroscopic properties;
  • light weight;
  • porosity.

The cushions are stuffed using separate chamber technology. The filler is evenly distributed over the cells that hold it in place, preventing it from clumping. That is why Polev cushions do not lose their shape or springiness.

Filler for Seats
Filler for Seats

We use latex polyurethane for upholstered furniture seating cushions.

Its undisputed advantage is its ability to vary the stiffness of the cushions, depending on the customer’s requests.

In addition, PPU has great consumer properties:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • odourless;
  • dense;
  • durable.

The seats have orthopaedic properties: they easily adapt to the shape of the human body and quickly return to their original shape when they are not under pressure.

Delavega has developed a unique teak double-shielding technology

We use cotton ticking for the covers. It is practical and has reliable dimensional stability.

The special threads weaving ensure high density of the ticking and allows it to retain the shape of the filler well.

An additional guarantee is the double shielding technology we use, which completely prevents the filler from getting out through the fabric of the cover.

You can frequently wash, spin, iron or clean the ticking covers with a steam generator, and they will not lose their durability and strength.

special non-slip lining fabric

Our customers do not have to deal with the problem of slipping cushions, because Polev factory uses anti-slip lining fabric in the production.

Special anti-slip fabric keeps the seat and back cushions firmly in place, so your upholstered furniture will always look flawless.