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Martin Joinery Machines
Martin Joinery Machines

The woodworking equipment of the German brand Martin allows bringing the most difficult design ideas to life.

High-quality processing of solid natural wood and cutting of panel materials cannot be imagined without Martin machines. They eliminate the possibility of backlash in the joints, as well as ensure high processing accuracy.

Therefore, the brand has been repeatedly awarded prestigious prizes in the category of high-tech equipment and is recognised by furniture craftsmen as the best tool for carpentry production.

As well as the fact that its own workshops, founded in 1970, train specialists who will be allowed to manufacture machine tools only after a series of complex qualification tests. And the fact that the company has received awards in the field of industrial design for innovation, and years of work of our specialists on machine tools, which allow us to process wooden parts for your upholstered furniture delicately and with maximum performance, enjoying the latest developments such as the touch screen and the possibility perfect finish, convinced us of the correctness of our choice.

Festool Power Tools
Festool Power Tools

Power tools from this brand are used in nearly 200 countries in 5 continents. Festool specialises in the production of high quality tools for the construction and joinery industry. Every detail of Festool products is perfect, and the results are flawless.

However, the main advantage of the brand is their search for know hows for creating products from wood and metal. This is why Festool holds over 300 patents for its unique developments.

Saws, jigsaws and grinders of the German company have received 80 awards for improving the profitability of production and saving working time.

We use Festool power tools to create the perfect frames for premium upholstered furniture that our customers deserve.

All this speaks of a company in which traditions interact with high technology. That is, it coincides with the very philosophy of our brand Elizabeth de la Vega.

Dürkopp Adler Sewing Machines
Dürkopp Adler Sewing Machines

Dürkopp Adler is a leading manufacturer of sewing equipment in Europe and in the world.

Sewing machines of this brand serve the shoe and clothing industries, furniture and automotive manufacture.

The first plant of the company was built in 1860 in Bielefeld, Germany. Today the company has 11 branches and 80 official dealers around the world.

Dürkopp Adler specialises in the automation of sewing production and produces equipment with the help of which the craftsmen of the Polev factory create impeccable textile upholstery of upholstered furniture.

The company has attracted us with the unlimited possibilities it provides, creating the number 1 sewing machines in the world for the light, shoe, and most importantly - the furniture industry. They make the seams on your upholstered furniture aesthetic, strong and durable.

Robuso Shears
Robuso Shears

Robuso Solingen shears are used all over the world. They cut hair, fabric, metal and fibreglass. It is a leading company in the manufacture of shears for cutting all types of textiles, leather, fur and felt. It has been known on the market for almost 100 years and has won the trust of consumers.

Robuso products do not go blunt and maintain an even cut thanks to the micro-sharpening of the blades on the inside.

In order not to lose the high production quality of tools for cutting upholstery, Polev sends them for sharpening directly to the manufacturer. This allows preserving the perfect working condition of shears and maintaining the high quality of the craftsmen’s production process.

So far, 80% of the process of creating scissors takes place manually. They can cut glass and carbon fiber. Each scissors has its own certificate of quality, each pair has an engraving with the coordinates of the company, and each time the scissors need sharpening, we send them to Germany for this, maintaining their authentic quality for you. Offering you the best of what was developed by the innovative industry of Europe, we chose them to work with the most elite fabrics to create sofas and beds, giving you a feeling of peace and comfort.